Urgent information

  • Evacuation instruction training that it was hosted by person measures meeting who had difficulty with Jiyugaoka return was finished safely on November 15. We were able to confirm procedure to let you evacuated to Komazawa Park and derive people of the town of Jiyugaoka. It was Meguro-ku, the police, firefighting, Tokyu, Ses Anges, 26 participation of town in various places in total.

  • We carry out today's evacuation instruction training on schedule. We would like goddess open space meeting at half past 9.

  • It rains. We are just discussing whether today's training is carried out.

  • It is hard to come home, and on the day evacuation instruction training of news November 15 from person measures meeting selects decisive action or cancellation as 7:30 a.m. To reference 090-4818 9830 charge Nakayama, please.

  • There is no news now

Evacuation site map

Wide area evacuation site of Jiyugaoka is Komazawa Olympic Park.

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