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Update information

Shop support ticket usable shop of meguro hometown is this
We check the usable shop list of shop support ticket Jiyugaoka latest information of meguro hometown
Shop support ticket support ticket project of meguro hometown
Present which is wonderful when we use "shop support ticket of meguro hometown" in Jiyugaoka
Announcement of Jiyugaoka goddess Festival cancellation
We cancel Jiyugaoka goddess Festival with prevention of new coronavirus infection spread
Under the Jiyugaoka official guidebook favorable reception release!
Formula guidebook clogged up with charm of Jiyugaoka is released at bookstores than March 19 of the whole country!
News from Jiyugaoka mall

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News from Jiyugaoka mall

In restaurant of Jiyugaoka ale!

Restaurant of Jiyugaoka catching severely wounding under the influence of new coronavirus. Because the friends overcame corona, we stood up! "# ale ticket project" starts. It is Yale by your hand in restaurant of Jiyugaoka...

Mall of Jiyugaoka restrains itself from 4/29-5/6 business!

At mall (see below) of Jiyugaoka, Tokyo calls as new coronavirus infectious disease measures; "cooperate for STAYHOME week following command. Have self-restraint (voluntary closure) of business, and company is in home as much as possible, too; and is eyes by a person's contact 80% decrease...

4/23 is day of sanjorudi

4/23 is day of sanjorudi. How about giving book of Jiyugaoka worldwide on this 😊 memorial day on day to give important person book? We think that it is good for reward to oneself. Time to spend buying book slowly in house. Good...

Let's wash hand!


Let's carry out infection shinayoniminasan hand-washing thoroughly to new coronavirus! Cactus brothers who sang "wonderful Jiyugaoka" in this HP made song of hand-washing. We wash our hands in spite of being inquiry happily together...

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new open! From type-rich bar 🏮(Info of fried food)

In shop which it is "nishoku" that introduces today, and opened for ‼️9 11 days a month, seem to sell Italians dishes such as pasta or fritto in liquor and fried food, takeout such as sour or highball in eat-in; 🍻🍝

From furniture 🛋(info where it is simple and is easy to use)

😊 which it is "LEAD ME HOME by river gate" that introduces today and is interior shop of sisters shop of 🏡MOMO natural and uses other than furniture of original product every day in 🕰 shop, and possible miscellaneous goods and container have

Jiyugaoka Hikari street eco bag present campaign! (from Hikari street)

1,000 limitation! We shine, and town eco bag present campaigns! We will present original eco bag by purchase 2,000 yen or more at the first-floor store on - 9/22 Tuesday (holiday) on Saturday, September 19. For more details, please see poster. In shopping bag reduction...

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Friday, September 18, 2020

It seems to be cloudy now. How about spending time in cafe leisurely?

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Let's look for shop where is good to feeling in Jiyugaoka
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Rental box & gallery guild

We hold beautiful cat and sale of art exhibition & fresh shine muscat of power stone! Province-style single house at residential area, characteristic round window are marks. In the shop with atmosphere, the first floor is rental box shop. Original works of handmade writer form a line. 2 on the second floor...

Organic harmony Jiyugaoka main store

Store specializing in tomato juice which is delicious so as to be dangerous The year-end present. Celebration. Of shipment receptionists of the whole country! Perfection made with natural agricultural methods tomato of organic harmony Hokkaido is non-chemical. It is additive-free tomato juice specialty store. Midsummer gift. The year-end present. Family celebration. baren...

[foot advance Jiyugaoka store]

Campaign of September As for the tele "Tuesday surprise", location is performed in foot advance Jiyugaoka store on 2017.05.09 airdate, representative Takashi Yamamoto is visit by kitsu - i foot pot for Masaki Suda Hidehiko Ishizuka DAIGO...

National fur studio Cantata JIYUGAOIKA

You can use support ticket! Give a response in technique and know-how that cultivated for many years in department store, and leave; and fur specialty store of relief We introduce a lot of fur items made in Japan. Adviser of main store national as for fixing and the remake of fur directly...

arshu Jiyuugaoka store

Bring up history and sensitivity made with Collection shoes on the European French earth in 2020 autumns; more than 50 years. Shoes which we prepared with one piece of leather which stuck to foot which overturned concept of shoes, and was at one with foot, and worked. "Shoes such as gloves...

Solution to guide, Ses Anges MAP to have a problem of Jiyugaoka


Annual event, event of Jiyugaoka

Jiyugaoka official guide vol.30

Sweets, miscellaneous goods, cafe and liquor…
It is formula guidebook clogged up with charm of Jiyugaoka full. It is now on sale at bookstores of the whole country♪

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