Update information

Update information

The station square illuminations
17:00 ...
Jiyugaoka station square rotary special event space
Vin Chaud de Noel 2020
Let's taste mulled wine "station wagon show" in Jiyugaoka
2020.12.2 ...
Announcement of postponement of premium lottery
We will postpone lottery with "prevention of corona infection spread request new concentration for a short term"
Shop support ticket usable shop of meguro hometown is this
We check the usable shop list of shop support ticket Jiyugaoka latest information of meguro hometown
Under the Jiyugaoka official guidebook favorable reception release!
Formula guidebook clogged up with charm of Jiyugaoka is released at bookstores than March 19 of the whole country!
News from Jiyugaoka mall

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News from Jiyugaoka mall

12/6 Jiyugaoka 2020prmium lottery was postponed

We decided that Jiyugaoka 2020premium lottery that it was planned to 12/6 and cooked saw the new coronavirus infection spread situation and did with postponement. Please see this in detail. https://www.jiyugaoka-abc.com/special/2020/premium...

News about harrow in of this year

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we do not perform parade, cake arrangement in Jiyugaoka mall promotion association. Please enjoy harrow in plan in each unit shop. https://www.jiyugaoka-abc.com/event/2020/hall...

In restaurant of Jiyugaoka ale!

Restaurant of Jiyugaoka catching severely wounding under the influence of new coronavirus. Because the friends overcame corona, we stood up! "# ale ticket project" starts. It is Yale by your hand in restaurant of Jiyugaoka...

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From accessory miscellaneous goods 👛(info of leather products)

🐧# Jiyugaoka #jiyugaoka # street corner latest information that sells train type pass case that it is "C X C labo" that introduces today, and smartphone cover and penguin of original custom possibility jump out mainly on 🧪 leather products unexpectedly

With curry from takeout 🍛(info)

When it is "fine steed" that introduces today, and enjoy curry of shop in house as perform beef curry of 🍛🍴 standard and 😋 takeout which can have shop original curry, curry bread including chicken curry; how...

From herb and aroma ☺️(info which bring healing to live)

It is "green flask" that introduces today, and we easily shoot herb and aroma that it is possible for in spite of being plant therapy ✨ pleasure that we can begin, and 🌿 is recommended at time! #Jiyugaoka #jiyugaoka # street corner latest information

Baker of Karuizawa (from info)

It is "Boulanger Asanoya Jiyugaoka store" that introduces today and is bakery with Main Store in 🥖 Karuizawa! 😋2 floor where sweets system, both side dish system have many types is eat-in space and ☕️ where it is✨

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

It seems to be cloudy now. How about spending time in cafe leisurely?

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Let's look for shop where is good to feeling in Jiyugaoka
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Indian beauty treatment salon Rise [it reminds of your original power quality of Ayurveda improvement of constitution, skin improvement, herbal medicine]

[Ayurveda thin figure, all hands] Quality of improvement of constitution, skin improvement, thin figure, Yanagida-type India beauty treatment salon Jiyugaoka shop counseling   [there is confidence for technique and result] Therapists full of hospitality that was particular about the cause of owner of former healthcare worker, all hands gathered. ...

National fur studio JIYUGAOIKA

New Year SALE! Now being held! Give a response in technique and know-how that cultivated for many years in department store, and leave; and fur specialty store of relief We introduce a lot of fur items made in Japan. Adviser of main store national as for fixing and the remake of fur directly...

Mojito heaven♪

Classics Wave which I smell in 🔱 dull hours is abusive. It is mind hasty writing in the world of movie. When we stop for real days. At dusk of early winter. Open the entrance. Smile to take, and to get back to flavor of dinner.…We are not pleased. We are crushed with grief...


Store specializing in dough, order PICO admission entrance to school order Select shop "PICO" (PIKO) of cotton fabric that abundant dough is prepared. Including cotton material, we prepare a lot of dough of hemp and nylon material. Thread and needle necessary for sewing...

Organic harmony Jiyugaoka main store

Store specializing in tomato juice which is delicious so as to be dangerous Midsummer gift. The year-end present. New Year's greetings. Celebration. Of shipment receptionists of the whole country! Perfection made with natural agricultural methods tomato of organic harmony Hokkaido is non-chemical. It is additive-free tomato juice specialty store. Midsummer gift. The year-end present...

Solution to guide, Ses Anges MAP to have a problem of Jiyugaoka


Annual event, event of Jiyugaoka

Jiyugaoka official guide vol.30

Sweets, miscellaneous goods, cafe and liquor…
It is formula guidebook clogged up with charm of Jiyugaoka full. It is now on sale at bookstores of the whole country♪

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