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Street corner latest information provides the hottest topic of Jiyugaoka. Correspondent including event of town and event of shop sends in real time.

It is 2018/08/11 correspondent with original accessories

"le meace remisu" is shop of vintage accessories parts more than 30 years such as France, Germany, Czech ago.

Does product not look at original accessories from parts which there are 2,000 kinds?

We can make in shop.

Bon festival dance meet 2018/08/02 correspondent

Annual Bon festival dance meet is held every year for from 18:00 to 21:00 on Sunday for from Thursday, August 2 to 5th.

We perform - sprinkled water as heat measures at 18:00 on Thursday on 2nd.

4th Saturday 18:00 - charity bingo meeting

To 5th Sunday 19:00 - Bon festival dance contest prizewinner as for the premium♪

A part of the sale sales sends charity paper fan to stricken area as reconstruction aid contribution through Meguro-ku dealers by headquarters tent.

New sale 2018/07/14 correspondent

SunnyHills To-Go at Jiyugaoka releases "fruit tea of SunnyHills" of the first takeout drink from Saturday, July 14. 

"Fruit tea of SunnyHills" is ice fruit tea of new sense that eats, and is delicious to be able to enjoy tea and taste of both fruit that added five kinds of additive-free freeze dry fruit and passion fruit to Jonathan apple tea from Taiwan. As freeze dry fruit which shut in fruit original flavor is size to enter mouth while drinking tea, taste of mellow tea and sour-sweetness of fruit open to fill the mouth together. 

We put in the bottle with cover which is good to carrying around and provide. It is refreshing fruit tea which we want to recommend to attendant of Jiyugaoka walk of coming hot time.

NEW OPEN2018/07/10 correspondent

Store specializing in Taiwanese drinks "Chatime tea thyme" opened in street for bell.

To drink of base and if we choose topping (sweetness and quantity of ice are available) drink of oneself preference!

Shop inner wall surface becomes 3D art.

Material 2018/06/28 correspondent of nature

"shiro" in school street sells food, fabrics to make with cosmetics, discerning ingredients.

cafe was established, too and renovated menu for Vee cancer from June.

We are made with hamburger and curry, all the sweets vegetism.

NEW OPEN2018/05/11 correspondent

"SELECT CAFE KKOTBING" (kobbin) which opened in front Exit went ashore for the first time from Korea.

Menu is soft and fluffy snow cone, tapioca tea with milk, kind richness including hottokupankeki.

It is sure to get all instagenic!

NEW OPEN2018/04/28 correspondent

Shop "mat & rag factory" of life article maker mainly on mat opened in hillside street.

Product with functionality has color equal with richness, too.

Custom tailoring can play the mat, too.

NEW OPEN2018/04/13 correspondent

"The bracken shop main office" opened in street for bell.

It is Tokyo first to go out shop from Osaka.

Specialty fatty tuna fatty tuna bracken rice cake is two kinds of plane (adzuki bean) and mugwort

There are other Daifuku, Mitarashi-dango, cheesecake, sweet potato.

NEW OPEN2018/04/06 correspondent

"Hamburg to be able to take" opened in school street.

We baked hamburg which used 100% of Japanese black beef in rare.

There is six kinds of sauce, and please try hamburg full of meat juices softly so as to be able to drink.

Lunchtime from 11:00 to 15:00

Cafe thyme from 15:00 to 17:00

Dinnertime from 17:00 to 23:00

NEW OPEN2018/03/15 correspondent

"Regetta Canoe rigettakanu" opened in Maple street.

Design is characteristic shoes, but functionality to do "we walk" of every day comfortably happily is jam-packed.

We only wear and realize ideal how to walk to make a landing with railroad crossing, heel from tiptoe.