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marie claire Festival 2018/05/18 correspondent

marie claire Festival is held at the south exit on Friday, May 25, 26 Saturday, 27 Sunday!

It is various events such as wagon sale, food court, event stage (chanson, performer).

As for 5/26, 27, popular shop opens a store only in event in [THE J SUNSET AREA2018] sun array neighborhood to set.

There is present in which had you shine and do questionnaire in town as large Thanksgiving Day by lot, too.

Please enjoy in Jiyugaoka on that day☆

NEW OPEN2018/05/11 correspondent

"SELECT CAFE KKOTBING" (kobbin) which opened in front Exit went ashore for the first time from Korea.

Menu is soft and fluffy snow cone, tapioca tea with milk, kind richness including hottokupankeki.

It is sure to get all instagenic!

NEW OPEN2018/04/28 correspondent

Shop "mat & rag factory" of life article maker mainly on mat opened in hillside street.

Product with functionality has color equal with richness, too.

Custom tailoring can play the mat, too.

NEW OPEN2018/04/13 correspondent

"The bracken shop main office" opened in street for bell.

It is Tokyo first to go out shop from Osaka.

Specialty fatty tuna fatty tuna bracken rice cake is two kinds of plane (adzuki bean) and mugwort

There are other Daifuku, Mitarashi-dango, cheesecake, sweet potato.

NEW OPEN2018/04/06 correspondent

"Hamburg to be able to take" opened in school street.

We baked hamburg which used 100% of Japanese black beef in rare.

There is six kinds of sauce, and please try hamburg full of meat juices softly so as to be able to drink.

Lunchtime from 11:00 to 15:00

Cafe thyme from 15:00 to 17:00

Dinnertime from 17:00 to 23:00

Jiyugaoka X Tokyo art size & design project 2018/03/22 correspondent

Event to study future figure of Jiyugaoka, activated direction in viewpoint of one of art and design began in 3/17.

"Cat" which we had financial institution of Jiyugaoka area cooperate as the first step, and student of Tokyo art size sculpture department produced in entrance, lobby

It is displayed.

Please see by all means.

Until 3/17 - 4/19 15:00

NEW OPEN2018/03/15 correspondent

"Regetta Canoe rigettakanu" opened in Maple street.

Design is characteristic shoes, but functionality to do "we walk" of every day comfortably happily is jam-packed.

We only wear and realize ideal how to walk to make a landing with railroad crossing, heel from tiptoe.

It is 2018/03/07 correspondent in happy coffee time

Tea stands "THE ALLEY" from Taiwan

We can drink tapioca drink which we added handmade fresh tapioca to.

There are iron Kannon tea, green tea, bonsai tapioca tea with milk from basic tea with milk.

We sell - white peach oolong tea on March 2.

Cake buffet ♪ 2018/02/23 correspondent

We hold cake buffet in "Dalloyau".

With souvenir of weekdays 18:00 - 70 minutes 3,500 yen macaron

Reservation is 03-3717-2250

☆NEW OPEN ☆2018/02/04 correspondent

The second shop of baker on street (*saka) free in 2/2 in Nagoya of popularity

"bakeddorabitto" opened.

Shop fitted with glass based on white is like opening brightly!

It is recommended, and Bour is motchimochi.

Please have