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Reopening 2018/01/15 correspondent

We practice medicine in Jiyugaoka, and we come back to place that there was before 2/3, and "tou tou" of general store of 17 years reopens.

Stylish quality including basket and miscellaneous goods is reasonable price☆

Goods of Snoopy are varied!

☎5731-3784 business hours 12-19

If lose ranch; 2018/01/08 correspondent

Where shall ranch eat? It is trouble in this.

How about "the yakiniku flower tenth?"

As there are a lot of kinds of lunch, we are troubled, but can have deliciously all.

The shop can eat yakiniku slowly widely in beautiful space.

Business hours lunch from 11:30 to 15:00 

Dinner from 17:00 to 23:00

Inquiry 03-3724-8710

Omen noyoizeriidesu 2018/01/07 correspondent

We shine and sell lucky red-and-white nozerii "red and white relationship constipated bikan" in "izumo agar studio" in town.

For matchmaking of Izumo, we dressed one by one. With two taste of omao strawberry and dirt apple. We use domestic fruit juice.

In addition, make gods, and there is "honor of a gold seal and purple ribbon relationship constipated bikan"; honor of a gold seal and purple ribbon nozeriidesu. With two taste of Kyoho and lemon in Seto. This uses domestic fruit juice, too.

How about to auspicious occasion and pretty good present of gift in return?

Inquiry 03-6421-2138

To person who is looking for hat! 2018/01/07 correspondent

We shine, and ladies' wear "red how many" in town have abundant kinds of hat.

There is much small size, but there is function that size can coordinate.

Size matches if we talk toward the shop.

Not only hat but also clothes to make from back and original dough are prepared.

Inquiry 03-3724-2247

NEW OPEN2017/12/11 correspondent

We shined, and store specializing in French frozen foods "Picard Piccard" opened town to go.

From appetizer to dessert, we cope with every meal scene from daily life to dining table on special day.

We can eat French casually!

NEW OPEN2017/11/02 correspondent

Baker "bread and espresso" in Omotesando opened in Luz1 floor.

Store's name "somehow puresso"

It is made its grand opening during pre-opening now on November 11♪

Recommending keeps around six kinds from koronesuitsu to side dish.

Cafe opens in the third floor in the middle of November, too.

NEW OPEN2017/09/16 correspondent

"Korot" of north exit wicket and wrapped Crape opened.

It is mini-crepe of lightly sweetened rice cake rice cake texture.

Limitation is Mont Blanc crepe in autumn♪

As it is unit packing, it is easy to eat and takes as souvenir as there is box (pay).

It is 2017/08/27 correspondent with thing good for the health

Delicious dorayaki "was sold newly for" body by "Hachinoya" of Japanese confectionery.

Saccharide uses only palatinose that absorption of Hokkaido sugar beet sugar and sugar is slow.

It is dorayaki which is slow calory which we put staple grains (rice cake wheat, soybean, imported reddish rice, brown rice, rice cake bubble) which vitamin mineral has abundant to bean jam in.

648 yen (tax-included) with five

On hot day! 2017/08/07 correspondent

There is store specializing in tantanmen "ninai々menshichifuku*" in street for bell.

There are no tantanmen, juice in menu, and Tsukemen is for a limited time; chilled tantanmen.

Lunch set is until weekdays 15:00, and ice cream of gyoza 3 ke or mini-roasted pork fillet bowl or black syrup soybean flour is attached for +100 yen.

Half rice gives a service!

NEW OPEN2017/07/27 correspondent

"PAPER STORY" opened in street for bell.

It is shop of paper handling stationery, wrapping paper, ribbon, paper napkin.

There are party goods elsewhere, too.

BOX where we put paper of import on puts present, and use is various when we put important thing away♪

It is shop to be excited about.