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In quiet environment and wonderful interior space slowly and carefully of judgment - smile and Jiyugaoka that can get well tell; place fortune salon NEW MOON

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☆At business day, appearance planned teachers, appearance time, please see page of "appearance schedule" of homepage.
☆As for the profile of teachers, please see page of "list of fortune-tellers, judgment rate".
※As we may be change and addition, we think that you can confirm in the case of visit beforehand. There is link of homepage as follows.
◯Customer of judgment has tea and service of petit cake◯
◯We look forward to visit◯

◎Inquiry, reservation is call, but please casually◎


Shop Info Store information

It is not simple fortune-telling shop and makes, "spot that can get well" "has it becomes smile and return" concept.

In addition, we unify the shops which conventional fortune-telling shop does not have by interior of natural taste of salon-style atmosphere to feel relaxed.

As aroma that feeling is settled down to is fragrant and is leaving downtown of the station square a little, we can have you receive judgment, session, surgical operation in environment quiet at all.

We would like to do help to soften trouble and stress that we usually have even a little.

Please open door casually.

It is 2F of building where FOOT IKS enters at Jiyugaoka Station in Trainchi (TRES inch) point, Lawson opposite 1F in a 5-minute walk.

Judgment, session, surgical operation that our store gives,

★"Seeing through reading" "spiritual fortune-telling" "healing" "reading such as aura cakra"
★"Western astrology" "shihashira*mei" "horoscope pneumatics" "sammeigaku" "shibitosuu" "accommodation day astrology" "direction" "number secret art" "skill in number soul" "onomastics" "lines in palm" "looks" "business card phase" "Yin and Yang, signs for fortune-telling fortune-telling" "counseling using technique of psychology, spiritual to"
★"Tarots" "tote tarot" "Oracle card" "enjieruka-do" "astrocard ®" "fortune-telling"
★"Coloring therapy of cakra" "aroma treatment" "channeling art"

Equal de,

◆Consultation such as "luck healthy general luck, fortune, love marriage, affinity diagnosis, luck with money fortune luck, work business luck, move moving"
◆Reading such as "aura and situation of your own" "messages from friend acquaintance, person passed away"
◆Animal communication that "we introduce condition and thought of pet and animals" into
◆Spiritual healing that "provides necessary energy through medium" (healer)
◆Aroma treatment which "does massage using aroma oil"

We are experienced, and teachers full of individuality accept this.

As [judgment, session, surgical operation contents] and [rate] vary among teachers,
Including [appearance schedule], please confirm [homepage] in detail (3,000 yen ... is indication for 20 minutes).

In addition,

●"NEW MOON original necklace"
●"Other necklaces" "pierced earrings" "bracelet" "pendant" "Angels trap"
●"Aroma essence" "bath salts" "lotion" "hand cream" "body cream"

As we sell equal ohajimetoshita, various accessories and goods, please see by all means (there is in front of judgment booth entrance).

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Address The second floor of the 6-33-9, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Utsumi Building
TEL 03-6432-2441
Business hours From 11:09 to 20:03 (we may be change)
Regular holiday

Others ■As following regular holiday and business hours, appearing teacher may be changed, including teacher and detailed information on another day to appear on in the case of visit, please confirm homepage (you update at any time, and there may be sudden news that change is not reflected on our page).
From "inquiry of homepage," please use inquiry foam.