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Shop little tree of toy and miscellaneous goods

★  O that is "toy consultant" with toy bringing up originality and heart and toy bringing up originality and heart of child in shop of miscellaneous goods, kids' room ★ "little tree" (little tree) which there is...

1-3-22, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Hiroshi sentence temple

From seals such as registered seal, bank seal, company post mark to various nameplates, rubber stamps, killer whale grouper product. Hand-carving finishes with speed. We finish few print, speed print of business card for 24 hours (one color of black, one side).

1-14-12, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


knock on wood

Factory direct management interior shop of pure materials furniture which sent handmade furniture, full order kitchen, fixtures furniture off since the formation in 1948. As for the furniture repair that expert craftsman deals with, guarantee for 5 years includes.

2-2-12, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


fortune salon NEW MOON

It is not simple fortune-telling shop and makes, "spot that can get well" "has it becomes smile and return" concept. In addition, in of natural taste of atmosphere that salon style calms its the shop which conventional fortune-telling shop does not have...

6-33-9, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



We are proud of the number of the handling brands of the Jiyugaoka most. Cigar, pipe cigarette, rolling by hand cigarette, water cigarette, long pipe cigarette are rich in kind let alone covering with paper cigarette. Back order and tasting of rolling by hand cigarette are possible, too.

1-9-5, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


King Fischer

Fishing tackle net shop where is specialized in sea bus lure!

1-10-4, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


The au shop Jiyugaoka station square front

2-11-22, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Toshin firm

1-16-10, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Optical communication

1-7-13, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


VodaFone Jiyugaoka

2-11-7, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo