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By delicious meal, it is healthy beautifully Medicinal herb fire pan and chukokuryori*kobo

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Red and green medicinal herb fire pan and trouble time or real Chinese restaurant "*kobo" (bakkabo) featuring figure special dish dishes. We can enjoy street named "*kobo", direction pleasing intensely and many dishes which are pretty, and are healthy, and are gorgeous. "*kobo Marukajiri set" that specialty medicinal herb fire hotpot and two articles of dishes, dim sum two kinds were bundled is 2,500 yen per person. Please try. [2012-2013 guidebook 131 pages publication]

Address 6-33-14, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo second sea land building B1
TEL 03-5758-3829
Business hours 11 30-15 00/17 30-23 00 (day public holidays and festival days 11: 30-15: 00/17: 30-22: 00) (30 minutes before L.O.):
Regular holiday