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Shop which life of Jiyugaoka for the first time real domestic craft beer can swallow up! kokage bar

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New store of system comes up!

As new series of sun kitchen, kokage bar shop of "Jiyugaoka,
2018.9/25 is open in upper floor of kokage bar.
In shop of interior that imaged outdoor and Grand Ping,
We bake with genuine stone of Aso to Jushi slowly and carefully,
We did two representative matters of Arita beef and Tone chicken of carefully selected brand meat of "Miyazaki in main,
Fried butcher shop of new sense adult.
Drink selects carefully with thing matching meat mainly on wine and sake.
There is reserved BBQ space for around ten people on 4F terrace, too.

We drink in sun kitchen, kokage bar after eating meat in NIC.
Reverse is zen ri, too. We can enjoy such how to play in future.

In the future in favor!

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10% off!

10% are off than accounts if you can show at the time of visit.

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Of domestic craft draft beer of regular 5-6 kinds, besides, can enjoy bottle beer of ten several kinds! In addition, noted product of 1, Jiyugaoka, specially made pickled plum sour are quite popular, too. The shop feels good old sense of fun that pop, is colorful inside by interior with "nostalgic pop" as keyword. Dishes have from snacks letting popular semi-Western style drinker groan to dinner dishes to be able to enjoy without liquor. There are fried butcher shop of new system which opened in upper floor, STONE GRILL NIC (with genuine stone Miyazaki beef) in 2018.9/25, and choice opens, too.

Address 2-15-6, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Konno Building 2F
TEL 03-6421-2767
Business hours From Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 25:00 Day from 16:00 to 24:00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday

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