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Please thoroughly enjoy real Shanghai dishes! Southern country Chinese restaurant

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It is at the climax in the summer! We offer prevention of four kinds of chilled noodles, summer lethargy << recommended menu of summer vegetables >>☆

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Photograph kind [seafood chilled noodles with jellyfish] of chilled noodles
This summer is particularly hot, and it is important to add physical strength to prevention of summer lethargy by rest and nutrient-rich meal!
◎Have favorable reception in our restaurant in average year [four kinds of chilled noodles]; offered. You seem to be able to enjoy for feeling on the day
Is heavy without any regret; lineup of sharp taste. (soy sauce-based sauce with ginger)
Seafood cold water noodles five chilled noodles, bangbang chicken chilled noodles pork shabu-shabu meat garlic sharp taste chilled noodles with jellyfish
◎Summer recommended menu (we update on new menu at any time)
①Sauteed prawn and cone ika, elingi mushroom
②Of Chinese chive and mushrooms fry egg softly
③Sweet boil with vinegar of chicken leg and quail egg
④Pork libs and stewed Chinese dried vegetable
⑤Winter melon and chicken white meat, dried prawns soup with spring rain

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*Tortoise soup stock Shaoxing one cup or petit desert present!

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Tortoise soup stock Shaoxing one cup or petit desert present! All the groups are available.
Other services coupon is impossible of combination. It is changeable to one bottle more than six people.

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With important family and congenial friend, it is available again on business talk or memorial day. We offer seasonal material and recommended menu.
Please feel free to contact dishes, budget.

Address 5-40-12, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3722-3211
Business hours 1 1:3 0-1 5:0 0 (L.O. 14:30) /17 00-22 00 (L.O. 21:30):
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