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RegettaCanoe Jiyugaoka store

2-16-11, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

arshu Jiyuugaoka store

  We wear design and walkability full of art senses, and shoes such as good feeling are French shoes brands which let functionality that it is similar to originally fuse in high dimension. "LAST SALE" of this winter is held now...

2-9-20, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


fitfit fitfit Jiyugaoka store

1-29-5, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Ange Clair

It is select shoes shop which had shoes which it is easy to wear by fashion only in Jiyugaoka. We have size not to sell in 21cm - 26cm and others. There is not size, and one that was not appreciated, pretty design are seen...

1-25-1, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Keisy Jiyugaoka

●Familiar "Hosono Jiyuugaoka shoe store" changed store's name for hallux valgus in "Keisy (Casey) Jiyugaoka". In response to your request, design (fashion) and functionality (shoe tree which is easy to wear) and comfort...

2-20-2, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


MBT walk-style Jiyugaoka

5-40-4, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Dennenchofu marina

1-29-3, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Ladies' shoes specialty store where shoes necessary to enjoy wide fashion are even on. As for the member's card, 1P addition, 20P are discounted by 2,000 yen every 2,000 yen when they save!

1-8-19, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Footwear shop not to look at

1947 founding, Jiyugaoka first-rate well-established shoe store. Simple peppusandaru, clogs and leather-soled sandals, slip-on sandals handle every footwear. There is reputation in shoes repair, too.

1-13-13, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Please arch Jiyugaoka store

Do shoes and means of transportation include trouble? Hallux valgus, molar ton, plantar aponeurosis flame, ingrown nail, octopus, corn...Absorb shock when walked by fixing arched line of foot, and step with, please arch; feeling and a sense of stability...

1-25-9, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo