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Pressurization gym sports gym cosmos

Pressurization training is cosmos! Cosmos pursues "health" and "the beauty"!

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Under 2016/06/07 experience-based training acceptance

Once 60 minutes 3,240 yen <belonging> Top and bottomware (T-shirt, pants), indoor juice, towel, water experience-based training need prior reservation. We look forward to notification!

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Campaign of the tenth anniversary of 2016/06/01 cosmos Jiyugaoka store opening!

... cosmos offers various menus in thought to want all of you to obtain "health" and "the beauty" with ... cosmos pursuing "health" and "the beauty"! Carry foot by all means at this opportunity! [campaign contents] ★Enrollment privilege ★ ①Enrollment fee 80% OFF \ 54.000-⇨ 10.800 yen - ②Use of optional menu ticket two pieces present! It is recommended to person who wants to diet for summer! To limited ten people! Notification is ➤TEL03-3717-1739 right now

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Pressurization gym sports gym cosmos

Pressurization gym sports gym cosmos

Because it is one-to-one instruction of 50 minutes once a week, it is effective for relief!

Sports gym cosmos which continues providing "true health" by pressurization training and meal instruction!

Because it is well-established gym founded in 1986, professional of pressurization training declares number one trust and relief by the history and the results.

Pressurization training is short time, campaign of only 30 minutes for light load, and maximum effect is got.

Which "we do not have the time though we want to begin exercise" is training that is recommended to "not to continue though we went to gym"!

At first please realize the effect by experience-based training!

In cosmos Jiyugaoka store

By one-to-one training of weekly 30 minutes and stretch of 20 minutes

Both heart and body become younger healthfully!

Others "beauty leg training" "pelvis adjustment training" "human trunk training"

We have option menu to purpose abundantly.

Please visit by all means! We look forward to!


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