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Jiyugaoka newspaper history

The first

Issue first on May 5, 1987

  • Goddess image of Jiyugaoka is relationship, and we do, and is NY mall and twinning?
  • It is arrival type of Saint flower relay from Toyama in front of Jiyugaoka Station
  • Jiyugaoka was chosen for Meguro scenery 55 from Shu Meguro view and
The second issue

Issue second on June 5, 1987

  • The face station square of Jiyugaoka became bright!
  • We do, and is ring NY of wide geyo fashion tie-up at the end of May with mall?
  • The 24th ordinary session of the Diet holding, etc.
The third issue

Issue third on July 5, 1987

  • Good news! Air that Jiyugaoka is clean!
  • As for the firefighting of Jiyugaoka, leave it to me? Others
The fourth issue

Issue fourth on August 5, 1987

  • It is arrival at Letter of ready consent from Madison AVe. of NY
  • All the partner preparations OK!
    Jiyugaoka is designated acceptance, etc. of "mall international exchange business"
The fifth

September 5, 1987 fifth issue

  • The 15th goddess festival program announcement monkey!
  • It is finally Madison AVe. and the signing ceremony on goddess feast day on next month 10
  • Forming beauty plan of face (the station square) of Jiyugaoka
    Is touching up makeup of the signing ceremony enough?
  • Kumano Shrine annual festival eve September 5 is karaoke grand march, etc.
The sixth

October 5, 1987 sixth issue

  • October 10, 11th 15th goddess festival
  • It is finally the signing ceremony for ten days
  • Goddess festival traffic regulation point map
  • Please name station square telephone BOX of all of you Jiyugaoka! Others
The seventh

November 5, 1987 seventh issue

  • It is Madison AVe. and international mall twinning enactment et al. of NY at last
The eighth

December 5, 1987 eighth issue

  • '87 10, Jiyugaoka University news
  • The 120th anniversary of the foundation of stock, Daimei construction
  • New Year holidays do not come when we do not go along Jiyugaoka department store and
The ninth

January 10, 1988 ninth issue

  • First dream of the year, etc.
The tenth

February 10, 1988 tenth issue

  • New annual convention includes Jiyugaoka plan for the New Year!
  • Board of directors report and others regular in January
The eleventh

March 10, 1988 eleventh issue

  • Problem and the prospects of Jiyugaoka mall
  • Federation of Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. first Workers' Union raises funds for clean up motion
  • One after another next to NEW building children museum
    Jiyugaoka TERACE building is OPEN!, too
  • February ordinary assembly report and others
The twelfth

April 10, 1988 twelfth issue

  • Director congratulations Uomi
    We take office as association of tool for all-Japan exercise dealer retail association society's director!
  • COMMUNITY design Jiyugaoka 90% decision!
  • In the Sunday, April 17 Jiyugaoka station square
    Tulip carnival, etc.
The thirteenth

May 10, 1988 thirteenth issue

  • Amenity-rich town of a lot of flowers
  • NY courtesy visit group May 22 departure
  • Jiyugaoka school, Tomoe school monument unveiling ceremony, etc.
The 14th

June 10, 1988 14th issue

  • New director birth Kenzo Tajima
  • With "community mart plan"
  • kumayashinshahosankaitsujosokaita
The 15th

July 10, 1988 15th issue

  • 12, Jiyugaoka mall new chairperson announcement!
  • We toast across the sea! Madison AVe. vs. Jiyugaoka
  • 6/20 precedent board of directors report and others
The 16th

August 10, 1988 16th issue

  • Jiyugaoka mall activation model business presentation, etc.
The 17th

September 15, 1988 17th issue

  • Welcome!! At the front of Jiyugaoka goddess image
  • The 16th Jiyugaoka goddess festival October 8 9 10th others
The 18th

October 5, 1988 18th issue

  • Urgent notice! On 10 eight or nine a month, 10th of plan
    The 16th Jiyugaoka goddess festival cancellation!
  • Jiyugaoka mall "community mart plan" original expression decision! Others
The 19th

November 10, 1988 19th issue

  • 1988 Meguro-ku medium and small-sized business joint honoring type
    Each Jiyugaoka district prize prize winner announcement! Others
The 20th

December 10, 1988 20th issue

  • Dace reliable as for eating and drinking in Jiyugaoka.
    Four 63 restaurant pay facility commendation Jiyugaoka
  • '88 10, Jiyugaoka University news, etc.

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