Fortune of April, 2018
Charge judgment teacher Ogiwara Otori of this month light (is judging in angel garden on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday)
Aries It was born in Aries from March 21 to April 20
If we put up big sign at this time and prepare, we may have success in our hand by all means. But it should still actually wait to take action. We deepen friendship that we are older and seem to feel have a pain later when attention is necessary for behavior of younger person when we neglect human relations.
One point advice: As behavior that showed off becomes a hindrance to the back, we are careful.
Taurus It was born in Taurus from April 21 to May 21
When the real intention is doubted and is easy to have even what we think with the best of intentions and did stolen with malice. Person who does not perform collaboration-like thing, and acts alone is good luck. We seem to be swung around in flamboyance enthusiasts by friend of showy person, and there is worry to invite days to be troubled with sufferings from debt when we take the same action to.
One point advice: We are somehow well-conditioned and want to follow one step earlier, but endure now.
Gemini It was born in Gemini from May 22 to June 21
We are eager only for mind, and sloppy action seems to be outstanding. Particularly unpleasant thing shows a lot of ARA to clear up early. On the contrary, we are absorbed in favorite thing too much, and does connection with the circumference become light? Everything mohodohodoga is good and is posture of "" A wise man does not court danger now if possible.
One point advice: We are careful about diseases caused by food.
Cancer It was born in Cancer from June 22 to July 22
Everything will progress smoothly if we spend being relaxed. Let's spend time happily without things being deep, and thinking. But rip has to process how small while it is early. It becomes unmanageable in the future when optimistic when it will be all right as much as this.
One point advice: When thing concerning money needs the long-term prospects.
Leo It was born in Leo from July 23 to August 22
When fair evaluation is demanded. Please repay kindness of people who lent success that we had in our hand power properly. We will receive ruination not to need when we cut corners here. In addition, action with being spread in feeling is attention in what become enemy, and might be returned.
One point advice: There is inflaming worry with acute pain when we leave even small wound. Keep early treatment in mind.
Virgo It was born in Virgo from August 23 to September 23
We seem to be at a loss without aim being decided. Thing seems to happen that cross-purposes and expectation come off, and feeling is not good enough. We seem to feel sense of isolation and sense of estrangement without the boss, relations with senior being engaged. Please demand advice from immediate friend humbly in such a case. Key to solution will be surely found.
One point advice: Visiting a shrine trip to Shinto shrine Buddhist temple is good luck. Relax in the sacred ground as far as time permits.
Libra It was born in Libra from September 24 to October 23
"Groundless" behavior provokes fortune to bad direction. But, own viewpoint seems to become in danger when over strictly to be settled. We usually straighten minimum posture, and coping that is "good" seems to put thing in a circle when problem happened. In addition, do not give everything up at once.
One point advice: Every negotiations seem to be overcome by the other party. Share action with strong friend of push.
Scorpius It was born in Scorpius from October 24 to November 22
Trouble with the opposite sex leaves a trail, and heart is disturbed, and personal feelings are over and seem to lose sight of public posture. We may want to abandon the present viewpoint, but may not work. You should make a habit of moving to the next action after taking a deep breath, and staring at important meaning of the action well once again.
One point advice: Of reaching weakening of body before trying impossible diet, and getting thinner there do not be.
Sagittarius It was born in Sagittarius from November 23 to December 21
When we all show too big aim delay without advancing to point. But, in fact, notice the wall having built by oneself. Therefore it is not actually deadlock because it is possible to lower wall for self-will. We will clear the very front one by one.
One point advice: It becomes too much sensitive to information turned to oneself. In direction to abandon decisively.
Capricornus It was born in Capricornus from December 22 to January 20
We seem to be able to soak ourselves in lingering sound of success. But understand that the present success is not constant and is temporary thing. We put thing which we just got on coarse colander of eyes and are like saving and run down like rain when careless. We suggest that we share around as soon as possible.
One point advice: Mutual understanding seems to be done superficially, but you considerably live on part of essence, and know different thing.
Aquarius It was born in Aquarius from January 21 to February 18
Chance to make use of talent in seems to come. But you meddle, and do not be going to lead. Seeing from the outside, it is the great finish even if we manage to be power of 80% daringly because we are good at. In addition, it becomes a lot, and * maregotoga is so, but troublesome kuragarazu is sincere, and handle.
One point advice: When we are swung around for hesitation of mind of the other party, and own thing that we want to do does not always go as we want. It will be good to sometimes act alone.
Pisces It was born in Pisces from February 19 to March 20
Will mind get impatient? It seems to be in a condition to spin around in the same place. When at first any small thing declares result of own action at such time, it is cause, and the result changes into good luck luck. We may notice at turning point of fortune appeared in the natural phenomena.
One point advice: The badness of comfort is gradually dissolved. We will find the best in the present situation.