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Annual schedule

Town which does not die out of smile, people of Jiyugaoka like great festival. From festival to inherit tradition of the good old days to new festival that is full of pleasant attractions, various events are held throughout the year.


New Year's Day festival

Big event to give glory to local patron saint, the beginning of the year of Kumano Shrine. Commencing with Meguro musical accompaniment appointed by intangible cultural asset of ward, the highlight is full, too.


Jiyugaoka cherry tree Festival

"Jiyugaoka cherry tree festival" that is held on Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of April in average year. It is flower and festival of music held under the cherry blossoms in full bloom in full glory in south exit city park.


Jiyugaoka sweets Festa

It is event that featured the theme of "sweets" only in Jiyugaoka carried out for Golden Week when we started in 2003. Concert and talk show, the whole town including wagon sale meet person from next town in "sweets Haat", and they do. We appear in "house of cake" where is popular among children in the station square.

marie claire Festival

It is event held mainly on marie claire street, city park of the south exit. Eating and drinking booth which various dishes mainly on wine can enjoy, wagons mainly on miscellaneous goods form a line.
On special stage, it is event to be able to enjoy from adult to child by programs such as chanson live or street performance.


Jiyugaoka Bon festival dance

"Jiyugaoka Bon festival dance" that ring of dance of people who oar is made in station square rotary, and wrapped the body in yukata spreads through. Entertainments such as bingo meetings are varied, too!


Kumano Shrine annual festival

Festival that always prays for staple grains abundant harvest every year in Kumano Shinto shrine proud of the history more than 800 years on Sunday in the first in September, and is held in the Kamakura era. Colorful portable shrine must see it.

Shout is brave to inasena happi coat, too! The leading role of festival, 3 groups of Jiyugaoka

Many portable shrines paid out by Kumano Shrine annual festival every year. It is three groups of "ji* (jiboku) meeting" "dance of a god" (pitch a camp wind up) "sky bear (tenyuu) meeting" to play these key roles. We are a person necessary for festival of Jiyugaoka. We wrap the body in matching happi coat, and figure that shout carries portable shrine on its shoulder bravely is grand! A lot of participants of woman attach color to gorgeous festival, too.


Jiyugaoka goddess Festival

Scale greatest as for the goddess festival held every year in consecutive holidays of Health Sports Day in event of number Jiyugaoka that there is. Approximately 500,000 people gather, and many plans are held. On station square main stage, characters show that is popular among concert and children that we meet guest, hairstyling show by stylists of first rank hair salon are carried out. Event that person from next town can participate and can enjoy is various two days including wagon sale and blue sky city in each place of town.


It is Christmas in Sunkus LIBERTY - Jiyugaoka

We heap up the mood on Christmas carol by children of lighting type and Tamagawa lamb kindergarten of Christmas illuminations to color the station square, Christmas of Jiyugaoka including gospel live.