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Jiyugaoka goddess Festival appearance Aristrist decision!

Jiyugaoka goddess Festival appearance Aristrist decision!
: Sunday, October 8, 2017, 9th Monday (holiday)
: Jiyugaoka station square special event space

It was decided to Tomokazu Miura, "Yutaro Miura" of son of Momoe Yamaguchi to decorate the last of main stage of Jiyugaoka goddess festival to be carried out for two days on Monday (holiday) on Sunday, October 8, 2017, 9th.

Profile of Yutaro Miura

It was born in April 30, 1984. Singer-songwriter from Tokyo.
It is chosen as the part of lead, Chiharu Matsuyama after band activity stop as band "Peaky SALT" vocal from stage "departure ... Ashoro" (ashoro) in 2012 in major debut 2010 in 2008.
Solo makes its debut as Yutaro Miura by the 1st Single "departure" in August.
February, 2013 1st Mini Album "AND YOU" release.
From June TBS TV "UTAGE!" We are similar and appear as UTAGE artist.
We appear on Tokai TV national net affiliated with Fuji TV, soil gong "non mom white paper" of adult as master Makoto Satake position of bar in August, 2016.
We release all musical piece "other party of good-bye" "cosmos" "good day departure" of Momoe Yamaguchi who is own mother others "I'm HOME" which covered eight pieces this year on July 5, 2017.
We record the Oricon weekly ranking (belonging to
7/17) seventh place.
We are continuing long sales now.
DJ, actor enlarge place of activity as well as Aristrist activity widely.