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Dream sweets contest work offer!

Dream sweets contest work offer!
: The deadline: Monday, April 3, 2017 / announcement: Thursday, May 4, 2017

In dream sweets contest, we wait for your dream sweets. You download attached PDF, and you write your dream sweets to postcard part, and please apply!

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Primary schoolchild (at April 1)

●Application rule

・Technique does not matter to paint, crayon, pen, colored pencil.

・Please apply with one point because of one piece of application postcard. In addition, even several points can apply.

・Please refrain from application in group.

・You put 52-yen stamp on attached application postcard, and you specify the name, school year, address, phone number, and please mail.

・When it was won a prize, it is limited to one where person or substitution can attend at in commendation ceremony (May 4 plan).


As for by 4 prizes of Kameya Mannendo prize, Jiyugaoka sweets Forest prize, Mont St. Clair prize, Mont Blanc prize in total, each prize one. We actually cook sweets of dream, and, to won child, each store presents.

●Examination method

・I will inform only prize winner.

・We do not return entry.

・You are not expected about inquiry about examination.

・Author's personal rights of entry are vested in author, but sponsor holds rights such as copyrights.

●The deadline

Monday, April 3, 2017: On the day postmark is effective


May 4, 2017 Thursday (holiday)

We hold commendation ceremony in Jiyugaoka sweets Festa 2017. In addition, we contact toward the prizewinner beforehand.


Jiyugaoka mall promotion association "dream sweets contest" person in charge

TEL 03-3717-4541

2017 dream sweets application flyers. pdf