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Do you remember your "beautiful hair?"

It is thinking with mission of we SHANTY to provide technique and care that are the always latest, and are high so that everyday care, styling of customer become fun easily.

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Jiyugaoka beautician society reference: ROMANA TEL: 03-3724-0079 FAX: 03-3724-0068

    "Beautiful way of life, beautiful hair do each one of person wealthily. Rich heart brings up culture. Society valuing culture brings peace." Cause, Milbon of this basic idea perform business deployment, development of products to support beautiful way of life through hair stylist.

  • Schwarzkopf
    Idea of Schwarzkopf pursues "beautiful hair" with salon, dealers to meet thought of "professional partner" customer. Through all activities, we send service that is exciting suggestion and personal. With each person's passion to overflow.

    With the history that combined treatment ingredient with hair color product for the first time in the world [Weller].
    Hair color brand of trust that concept that health and care of nutrition were necessary for hair was made use of in like skin care.

    We have feelings toward saying "born in" Japanese all the time and are maker keeping the making of product which showed Japanese nature and sensitivity in mind.

  • LebeL
    Because "you shine all"
    Hair Cosmetic brand [LebeL (LebeL)] which raises brand vision with all wish to want to brighten each one in response to thought of all people for beauty.
    With this vision, LebeL keeps moving forward with salon.

  • hoyu
    Last since release in hair dye "two crows" more than 100 years in 1909 (Meiji 42), and professional maker of hair cosmetics mainly on hair color.
    The industry becomes hair color giant in the country.

    Start the business at the field of hair color in the early 1900s, the now world's largest cosmetics company.
    We continue creating the cause of policy called "research and development and innovation for beauty", the beauty of today women of the world.