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We become beautiful in Jiyugaoka

JBA (Jiyugaoka beautician society) provides hair salon information of Jiyugaoka that can meet destined stylist♪

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MICRAS (Miku ras Jiyugaoka)

As salon to be able to go to in families all the time more than generation is Open in Jiyugaoka Station 2-minute walk!

MICRAS (Miku ras Jiyugaoka)

MICRAS of store's name is coined word consisting of "beauty" and "living".
The latest hair care including cut technology and much-talked-about Aujua, OLAPLEX of the first landing in Japan which do not damage hair is enhancement! We will help with your beautiful living under the theme of beauty salon to be able to go to in families throughout the life.

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JBA (Jiyugaoka beautician society) reference: ROMANA TEL: 03-3724-0079 FAX: 03-3724-0068