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About Jiyugaoka promotion association

With Jiyugaoka mall promotion association

We are active as mall organization largest in the country.

It is 1963 that 12 malls are in Jiyugaoka, and the mall unites and started as mall promotion association of homogeneous organization. As the domestic largest mall organization pressing 1,300 members, we are active for the making of charm of Jiyugaoka, prosperity of member store now. Role of promotion association performs necessary common enterprise for union member and plans environmental maintenance improvement in area and is in this way to support healthy development of business of union member. In addition, we focus on contributing to increase of the public welfare in addition.

It is plan ... town planning - Jiyugaoka forest with much green

If "we look at Tokyo from the sky corner of a lot of green! There was Jiyugaoka when it approached. Around <Jiyugaoka mall> that had such a dream, plan to "increase green in town of Jiyugaoka" started. We lay emphasis on activity to plant planting that we cooperate with Tokyo Coca-Cola, and roof tree planting vending machine and bee like. If green increases in Jiyugaoka, flowers increase, and honey to gather of bee increases. Original sweets will have everybody taste product using the honey, too! Such a pleasant plan is Jiyugaoka naradehadesu.

We work on various activities


Sweets Festa

Festival of sweets only in town, Jiyugaoka of sweets is carried out every year in consecutive holidays of May. In addition, there is plan that we can participate in even if it is not sweets restaurant.

Bon festival dance

"Jiyugaoka Bon festival dance" that ring of dance of people who oar is made in station square rotary, and wrapped the body in yukata spreads through. There are bingo meeting or dance contest, and there is advertising slot of unit shop to paper fan and lantern.

Kumano Shrine annual festival

We pray for staple grains abundant harvest every year on Sunday in the first in September and, in Kumano Shrine worshiping Ujigami of Jiyugaoka, are held. Much pulling in customers is anticipated.

Goddess Festival

Event that is greatest in festival of Jiyugaoka where goddess festival held every year in October is number. Hundreds of thousands of people gather. In addition, union member has privilege of discount including wagon sale.

Christmas event

There is lighting type of Christmas tree displayed at the station square, and, in flyer which Part 40000 issues, there is union member advertising slot.

Public information

Information center

The specialized staff shows around information such as wanting to know Jiyugaoka, shop which we want to look for. In street corner latest information, we feed sale information of shop.

Ses Anges

Students of Sanno Institute of Management wrestle with people of town as part of security activity and watch town. It is taken a lot up in media.

Jiyugaoka newspaper

As for Jiyugaoka newspaper, it is issued Part 10000 as local information paper once a month in neighboring areas. There is advertising slot for union members, too.


You can see event information of Jiyugaoka common usage and advantageous information of shop curious let alone Web-limited special feature and sale information, latest information.


"Jiyugaoka official guide" is advertising tower of town released at bookstores, stations, convenience stores of the whole country. If as is issuance once in two years, news of raising turns around publication; without passing over!



We work on the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday and cleaning by event. It is taken up with TV and magazine, and improving has image of town of Jiyugaoka whether it is role.

Jiyugaoka method

We consign collection of garbage to private corporation and collect from door to door every day from the middle of the night to early morning.


Credit card business

We perform rate negotiations profitably for credit card company by gathering up approximately 500 stores in town. Please inflect for reduction of commission rate. PASMO, Suica are usable, too.

Let's (youth group)

If it is person 42 years or younger, even anyone can enroll in let's in people loving person living in Jiyugaoka, working person, person, town going to not only owner of mall. Please inflect for the making of friend of town.

Whip-run wall newspaper

We send seasonal information of town every month.

Jiyugaoka Bee project

We keep bee for tree planting promotion of town.