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Jiyugaoka light Wi-Fi city plan

In Jiyugaoka, we put up town, and "light Wi-Fi" works on becoming

・・It is ... to person coming to ・ Jiyugaoka

What is "light Wi-Fi?"

"Light Wi-Fi (light station) ※" spreading in Jiyugaoka is public wireless LAN service using fiberoptic line called FLET'S light.
As we use fiberoptic line, we can exchange high-speed large-capacity data.
Therefore data communication is available smoothly fast.

※Light station is service that stores provide public wireless LAN of NTT East Japan to visitor.

What kind of one which may be good is it when we use "light Wi-Fi?"

PC and game console as well as smartphone without carrier and contract ※We can enjoy the Internet free twice for up to 15 minutes a day if we connect to nadomo "light Wi-Fi" (light station).

As person of shop can deliver news and advantageous coupon, stamp card by Wi-Fi by "light Wi-Fi" (light station), the latest information of shop and advantageous information can get in waiting time.

※ Apparatus of Wi-Fi terminal (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n correspondence) equipped with Web browser is necessary.

It is usable "light Wi-Fi" here!
Spot where "light station" is usable in shop Jiyugaoka that "light Wi-Fi" is available to one after another
How do you tie?
The way of connection (we can download PDF)

Connection simple application is this

Advantageous information?
Light Wi-Fi de Get! coupon

・・It is ... toward the store of ・ Jiyugaoka

What kind of merit is there to person of shop?

As we cooperate with Jiyugaoka official guide WEB, it is possible for information dispatch and registration update to Jiyugaoka official guide WEB to Wi-Fi of shop at a time.
Designation is done on the date and time if we use light Wi-Fi (light station) and can make news of share of next week and next month beforehand.
As telephone support is substantial, of store PC without weak point, time takes its ease simply, too; can deliver information of shop easily.

Use image

We open lifeline at the time of disaster!

We throw the Internet of Wi-Fi open at the time of disaster of emergency gratis. In late years attract attention in store, facility; "become information station", and can do, contribution degree to area is up, too!

※Opening area setting by prefecture area unit (correspondence by 2 units that Tokyo is out of 23KU and 23KU)
 We perform (based on judgment of NTT East Japan).
 We become able to use for 30 minutes, and the multiple use is possible if reconnected.

Detailed information about light Wi-Fi is this light Wi-Fi = light station