Information site that reports seasonal Jiyugaoka

Information center (information for nursing room)

Please drop in at information station, information center of Jiyugaoka!

There is "information center" which Jiyugaoka mall promotion association runs in place where we went ahead approximately 70m through thin alley from front Exit of Jiyugaoka Station with goddess image.
In the open appearance fitted with glass, logo mark of "i" is mark.

The specialized staff shows around information such as your wanting to know Jiyugaoka, shop which we want to look for. Please drop in at information station information center of Jiyugaoka!

We catch shop information of new opening!

We just opened and can easily search shop where we have not been published in this guidebook yet if enrolled in database of promotion association.
In addition, we are more likely to know shop before database registration because professional staff always sets up antenna around the latest information of Jiyugaoka.
When there is not information, we help with store search kindly as possible.

We want to know information of shop which came up to TV and magazine!

Professional staff of information center checks about information of introduced shop with TV and magazine throughout. "We have forgotten the name of shop...Case such as ", please feel free to contact, too. In the case of TV, it is the best when we know program name and channel, the broadcast date and time if possible. It becomes easy to look for when we know title and the publication time in the case of magazine.

We are selling Jiyugaoka map according to category!

We are selling one piece of Jiyugaoka map according to genre for 20 yen now in information center.
Other than shop restaurant maps such as "children's clothes, goods" "miscellaneous goods, furniture" "fashion" "cafe cake" "bar, bar" "Japanese dishes, sushi bar" "Western food restaurant" "fusion cuisine", we offer "hospital, dentistry" to be useful for hometown toward the house "parking lot" map.

Information from all of you is welcome, too!

In information center, we always find new information.
Let alone word-of-mouth communication information "that we have found shop of such a new opening", information from owner opening new shop in Jiyugaoka is warm welcome. Please send information more and more.

About nursing room

Small; is reliable with children!

In building of Jiyugaoka information center to tell about the latest information of town, we installed nursing room newly.

It is free space to be able to use for the nursing and diaper change for for mom with such a small child who wants to enjoy Jiyugaoka in parent and child slowly. Please inflect!

Available time From 10:30 to 18:00
Charge Free of charge
Main facility Diaper switchboard, washstand, pot (please speak to the staff at the time of the use of hot water)
Usage The woman staff guides after the reception desk in Jiyugaoka information center.
Precautions We do not install garbage bags for diaper. Please take garbage home with you respectively.

The information center location

Address 1-29-16, Jiyuugaoka, Meguro-ku
TEL 03-5731-7274
Business hours From 10:30 to 18:30