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News of Jiyugaoka Halloween workshop
We put on pixie hood, and let's go around Jiyugaoka! We collect stamps, and cake gets, too♪
Jiyugaoka original honey present
We will get honey using American Express card!
The 46th goddess Festival Photo Report
Jun ska and Aikawa and Yashiro revive
Goddess Festival photo report
News from Jiyugaoka mall

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News from Jiyugaoka mall

Chance ☺️ which the finest honey gets

Jiyugaoka X American Express card campaign that is carried out from 10/20. To customer who had you do shopping of 15,000 yen during period in approximately 400 target stores of Jiyugaoka using American Express card in total,...

Jun ska and Aikawa and Yashiro were the best!

The 46th goddess Festival prosperous very much. 😊 which looks back on all the memories of goddess Festival by photoreport including the best stage Please from this

10/28 Jiyugaoka Halloween holds workshop!

It is 00~16:00 10/28 11 We hold workshop of harrow in. Let's do stamp rally in Jiyugaoka whether we make pixie hood! If go around next four spots; cake gamoraeruyo 😊 disguise shitekitene 😜 sakichakujinsuugen...

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Loco News

Other news

Tomorrow! (from south exit store society)

The 46th goddess Festival Autumn marie claire Festival! It is finally held from tomorrow! We wait for your next town! Let's swell in all Jiyugaoka!   South exit LINE account...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It seems to be cloudy now. How about that we spend time in cafe leisurely?

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Let's look for shop where is good to feeling in Jiyugaoka
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The advantageous latest information from shop

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Yamashita medical office Jiyugaoka

(any inoculation) medical corporation corporation method mountain society Yamashita medical office is hospital in front of Jiyugaoka Station with characteristic treated for both of "dentistry" and "internal medicine" about supporting conduct of "mumps vaccine vaccination". In Meguro-ku house ino, coming and going around Jiyugaoka...


LIBERTY fair Clothes of refined wrapper and Liberty print that treated seasonal flower mainly on organic cotton material are popular. ko various with "style that there is because it is child" in concept...

Gallery Jiyugaoka

Takeru Sato "world of leather" now being held! Gallery Jiyugaoka is convenient location called a 4-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station. As creation space that is free in the gallery fitted with glass which is full of lighting facing the road for private exhibition, group exhibition most...


News of large Thanksgiving Day of Hachinoya autumn Bean jam which can be called life of Japanese confectionery. Expert craftsman works out carefully every day. Representative product, eyebrows monaka since founding is hayari of Kokura, confidence that five kinds of bean jam of sesame, white killing, citron, brown sugar can enjoy...

French cuisine petit Marchais

Mushrooms course ❗ concept that began "shop which can enjoy French casually." Normal restaurant where chef whom France has anywhere makes dishes, and madam serves wants to do! There is merely 38 in the origin...

Solution to guide, Ses Anges MAP to be troubling of Jiyugaoka


Annual event, event of Jiyugaoka

Event was finished

New Year's Day festival

Kumano Shrine

Big event to decorate the beginning of the year of Ujigami, Kumano Shrine of Jiyugaoka with the history more than 800 years. The precincts are full of many people very much every year. We can see "Meguro musical accompaniment" appointed by intangible cultural asset of ward. By the way, casked liquor and amazake are served on New Year's Day from the last day of the year.

Event was finished

Setsubun festival

Kumano Shrine

Festival to be held like festival in Kumano Shrine on New Year's Day. Various places where it recruited "age man, women born under the same zodiac sign as the current year" who held the bean-scattering ceremony from the precincts from the public beforehand. "Fortune is inner", and shout is accepted by thought, "ogre is not in Jiyugaoka". There is thing which premium exchange ticket enters in parched beans.
We have not been updated yet whether there is not event of this moon

Event was finished

Jiyugaoka cherry tree Festival

Jiyugaoka Station south exit Kuhombutu River city park

Flower and festival of music to be carried out on first Saturday and Sunday of April in average year. "Kuhombutu River green walk" at the Jiyugaoka Station south exit is lined with stands of meal and sweets under the cherry tree in full glory and can see pantomime and street live. As seat of outdoor tea ceremony (dandy) is established, enjoy spring scenery while drinking tea.

Event was finished

The J

In front of razu

We make cityscape which gave glory to 綠 oo including in front of Jiyugaoka razu, and cafes form a line, too. And we set up the FM station and broadcast this event live. Please enjoy stylish holiday only in Jiyugaoka.

Event was finished

Jiyugaoka sweets Festa

Event of sweets only in Jiyugaoka opened every year for Golden Week. Contents including talk show by celebrity and stamp rally around sweets shop are varied! House of cake that attention comes up in the station square. Children are sure to get great excitement!

Event was finished

marie claire Festival

Jiyugaoka Station south exit "marie claire street" "Kuhombutu River city park"

International group event to hark back to French street corner held mainly on "marie claire street" and "Kuhombutu River city park" of the Jiyugaoka Station south exit. Eating and drinking booth mainly on wine and miscellaneous goods booth mainly on miscellaneous goods are prepared, and chanson live and street performance are shown, too.
We have not been updated yet whether there is not event of this moon
We have not been updated yet whether there is not event of this moon

Event was finished

Jiyugaoka Bon festival dance

Jiyugaoka station square rotary special event space

At summer night of August, the station square of Jiyugaoka is dyed in people who wrapped the body in yukata. Oar (tower) is made in station square rotary, and figure which a large number of people dance is the best part. Bon festival dance contest that yukata is presented to to champion or charity bingo meeting are held, and large serving gets nervous.

Event was finished

Kumano Shrine annual festival

Kumano Shrine others

Festival to pray for staple grains abundant harvest performed every year in patron saint, Kumano Shinto shrine of Jiyugaoka on first day and front of it day of September. Shout is brave and carries miniature shrine (mikoshi portable shrine) on our shoulder in matching colorful happi coat every each group. There are many woman and participants of foreign one recently, too.

Event was finished

Jiyugaoka goddess Festival

The whole town of Jiyugaoka

Great occasion that it is held every year in consecutive holidays of Health Sports Day of October, and hundreds of thousands of people gather in Jiyugaoka. On main stage of the station square, live by musician or styling show by stylists of first-class hair salon are developed. It is attention in plan that we put our ingenuity in by each mall.
We have not been updated yet whether there is not event of this moon


It is Christmas ... in Sunkus LIBERTY - Jiyugaoka

The Jiyugaoka station square

The ceremony of lighting of illuminations to color station square one side is held in the beginning of December, town at a stretch in the Christmas mood. Road surface shop creates gorgeous atmosphere with display which made an elaborate plans each, too. There are Christmas carol, the gospel live concert in choir by children, too, and big tree is installed in green walk of the south exit.

Jiyugaoka official guide vol.29

Sweets, miscellaneous goods, cafe and liquor…
It is formula guidebook clogged up with charm of Jiyugaoka full. It is now on sale at bookstores of the whole country♪

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